Coffee Enema - an option of detoxification especially for Cancer patients

Coffee Enema - an option of detoxification especially for Cancer patients from Hosanna Medical Centre

By: Hosanna Medical Centre  04/10/2010
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Coffee Enema Solution
1.        3 tablespoons of coffee into 300 ml of distilled water ----> boil for 5 minutes
2.        Cover and reduce to simmer for 20 minutes
3.        Strain into large jug and pour 700 ml of distilled water to make up to 1000ml
4.        Cool to body temperature (warm to touch) before use Procedures Check tubing, fill bucket while clamp is closedRun room temperature solution through tubingLubricate 2-3 cm of the tube with lubricant (KY jelly or Vaseline).Lie on right side with knees drawn upInsert tube up to 4- 8 cm into the rectum.
Place / hold bucket half a meter above bodyOpen clamp and allow liquid to flow inWhen bucket is empty, close clamp and remove the tube from the anus.Relax and hold for 12 – 15 minutes. Do not force yourself to hold, let go if the abdominal cramp is intense. If you find it difficult to hold the enema, first use about 350 ml warm distilled water to empty the colon.  Then you may try to lower the amount of coffee enema to 500 ml and eventually increase to 800m – 1000 ml in subsequent enemas. Your body is beginning to release toxicity towards better health.

 Make sure you have sufficient and balanced nutrition before doing the enema.Precautions For patients with chronic medical conditions like hypertension, kidney failure, pleural effusions, liver failure etc, medical health check and supervision is essential.  If you have never done coffee enema before, it is good to get a trained person or medical qualified person to assist and advice you. The whole procedure should be smooth,  painless and comfortable. You should feel refresh and relieve after the coffee enema. If any intolerable side effects like giddiness, severe abdominal cramp, headache, palpitations etc, the procedure should be stopped and seek medical advice. Normal health people can do one or two coffee enema per week to maintain good health.  

Keywords: Clinics, Medical Centre, Medical Services

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