Kombucha - a home made drink to improve immune system and general health

Kombucha - a home made drink to improve immune system and general health from Hosanna Medical Centre

By: Hosanna Medical Centre  04/10/2010
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 Kumbucha Preparation

Boil 12 Cups of water ( 1 Cup = 8 ounce or 250 ml)  in a Stainless Steel or Glass Container Add 1 Cup of Brown Sugar , boil for 5 mins, off fire.Add 4 – 5 Tea Bags ( green tea or red tea ) and soak for 10 mins, discharge tea bags.Leave the boiled tea solution at the room temperature . Put the mushroom into the cooled tea+sugar solution ( brown color of the mushroom face below, light color face top)Cover the pot with a clean cloth and put under a cool place ( 70-75 F, ie room temp in Singapore )  with good ventilation.Leave the pot undisturbed for 7 days .

A new daughter mushroom will grow on top. Gently separate the two mushroom . The mushroom tea should not in contact with other metals or your ring.  Filter the mushroom tea with (tea or coffee) filter and put the filter mushroom tea into a glass or plastic container. Store in the fridge. Drink about 4 ounce in morning and 4 ounce before sleep (empty stomach).The mushroom can be put inside a small plastic container, soak the mushroom with a little of mushroom tea for storage.  Share the daughter mushroom freely with your friends and patients with chronic illnesses.The mushroom tea is believed to be good in improving the general health and enhancing the body immunity to fight against illnesses.

Keywords: Clinics, Medical Centre, Medical Services

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