Shipping&Chartering - Ship Broker

By: Msn Shipping Agencies  28/03/2009
Keywords: Shipping, Transport Agents

My Company offering professionals services as shipping & chartering services for carrying any shipowner cargo for bulk carrier and similar vessels. For this business my Agency when find for shipping company which like carrying cargo and not have suitable vessel my Company come to the shipping company and offering the services, when the shipping company accept my terms and suitable vessel for carrying the cargo designed vessel start sailing to the appointment place according C/P, my Company monitor the vessel with the cargo until the all ships documents will signed by shipper of the cargo.

The special team consist of depend of vessel:

- for engine room including electrical problem

- for deck.

My Company also accepted services door to door for small packing but bigger will delivered by fly and ect.

SEA-PERFEKT assisting each vessel when she coming to any port between Gdansk-Gdynia until she leaving polish territorial water.

Keywords: Shipping, Transport Agents