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By: Bonex (S) Pte. Ltd.  17/06/2009
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Bonex has developed and launched a revolutionary throwing type of handy fire extinguisher for general fire(Class A fire).
SAT119 is a patented product and it is the first handy fire extinguisher which has obtained national safety certification from Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute (JFEII).

How to use - There are two ways to extinguish a fire using SAT119
1. Throwing method
Simply throw the ampoule at the fire so that it shatters and the solution is showered over the burning area.
2. Diluting with water
Splash the diluted extinguishing agent towards fires . It is very effective to prevent outbreak or spread of fire particularly to adjoining unit or on wide area. The diluted extinguishing agent cannot be preserved for long hours.

:: April 15,2009 - SAT119 is elected the BEST EXTINGUISHING TOOL and the BEST PRESENT by Fuji TV,Japan.
:: March 2009,JAPAN.
The Tokyo Fire department in Japan has officially accepted & used SAT119-a throw type fire extinguisher to enhance fire rescue works in Tokyo.
Korea, Dec 2006 - In Korea, Fire protection law has legislated and promulgated.Under the law, installation of 'Throwing fire extinguishing tool' is mandatory at all facilities for infant, children and the elderly from December 7, 2006.

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