Our FLEX system!

Our FLEX system! from GameFLEX

By: GameFLEX  26/02/2012
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1.) What is the Flex System exactly?
Flex system allow any games flex out to receive 100% buyback condition. Short answer: You buy from us @ $60, we buy it back @ $60. You will be limited up to 3 games flex out at a time depending on your membership. To return to us, simply mail it back to us with the attached prepaid envelope! There will be no additional charges incurred, all you need to pay is only the membership fee!

2.) When I flex out the game, do I own it?
Yes, the game belong to you when you flex it out.

3.) If I decide that I want to transfer the 100% value buyback to another game, what do I have to do?
There is 2 ways to go about this. First, simply mail the game back to us. We will credit the GP back to your account and you are ready to flex out another game. Second, you can unflex the game. This mean that the 100% value buyback condition will be removed from the game, and no GP will be credited to your account. You may have to top up GP in order to flex out another game.

4.) Who is eligible for Flex System?
Members who have an active subscription plan will be eligible. Along with that, GameFlex Points (GP) will also be required to utilise the system.

5.) Renewal of membership?
As of now, renewal of membership will be done manually, monthly. A reminder will be sent to your email 7 days before expiry and 3 days before expiry. The Renew button will show on the top right corner of the website when nearing expiry. Please note that upon expiry of membership, any games that is flex out at the date of expiry will be deemed to be unflex.

6.) What is the payment mode?
As of now, we accept Mastercard and VISA Credit/Debit cards.Bank Transfer is also available for UOB and DBS/POSB. Please allow up to 1 working day for Bank Transfer.

7.) Why did the game that I flex out come without the case and manual?
For Flex System, only the Game Disc is sold to you. If you wish to obtain the Case and Manual, you will have to contact us through email. It will be subject to availability and may incurred more cost from you.

8.) What is GP (GameFlex Points)?
To simpify, GP means GameFlex Points. Our flex system uses game points to enable members to flex out games. Each different title comes with different amount of GP. GP is refundable and 10 GP = SGD$1.

9.) How many GameFlex Points should I purchase to make sure that I enjoy the Flex System fully?
We recommend to purchase the following amount of GP to make full use of your membership plan. Bronze = 700 GP, Silver = 1400 GP, Gold = 2100 GP.

10.) Is the GameFlex Points refundable?
The GP is refundable upon request. Any amount unused will be refunded in Cheque and mailed to your Shipping Address. You can request refund of GP in My Account, under Membership Section.

11.) Can I refund a partial amount of GameFlex Points?
Unfortunately, we do not allow partial refund due to possible misuse of the system. Upon refund request, all the unused GP will be refunded. If you require more GP, please top up as necessary.

12.) Can I request a refund of GP at any time?
Yes, it is possible to request a refund at any time. Please note that all refund requests have to be submitted by you. Expiry of membership will not automatically initiate the refund.

13.) How long does the game takes to reach me?
Please allow up to 3 working days for the game to reach you upon submitting the orders. This will also apply when returning the game to us. There may be delays caused by unforeseen circumstances and we request your patience. For clarification, working days refer to Monday to Sunday, excluding Public Holidays. You can also see Delivery Information for more details.

14.) I did not receive any games; I did mailed out the games back to you; The Game Disc is defective, etc..
For such enquires, please contact us as this will have to be handled individually. If you require us to give you a call for more clarification, simply leave down your contact number and we will contact you through phone. Please take note that all phone calls will be made from Private Number. Please allow up to 2 working days for us to reply to you.

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