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By: Premium Bird Nest  06/01/2010
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Premium Bird Nest is originated in one of the small part of Indonesia - Tg. Balai Karimun. (Riau Island). My family has been in this industry "100% pure bird nest" supplier for more than 5 years.

We own our own house bird nest fern with own factory to clean up the bird nest. The procedure of cleaning black bird nest known as unprocessed bird nest by using pincer only. It will takes about 3 hours per cup of bird nest. Our bird nest is no contained of any bleaching agents; No preservative; No addictives and No harmful chemical.

Benefits of bird nest are: Good for curing ashma; soothing lungs or plegm; Good for complexion; Good for Baby's learning or growing and Boost immune system.

How to make bird nest soup without lost the essence of bird nest? Bird Nest Soup with Rock Sugar -
Prepare 4 portion of bird nest soup with Rock Sugar.
1. Approximately 2 pieces of bird nest cup
2. 7 tea spoon of crushed rock sugar
3. 3cc plain water

1. Soak bird nest with tap water for several hours (approximately 3 hours). Remove any loose bird nest feather if any.
2. Rinse well and dry it.
3. Boil more or less 4 cups of water for two hours with slow cooker. Reduce the heat and put the soaked bird nest.
4. Cook it for 1 hour more and add rock sugar.
5. Stir it to dissolve the rock sugar and enjoy the luxury delicacy (Bird nest soup).
6. You may add in some red dates and "bao shen" to add in more flavour and nutritions.

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Keywords: 100% Pure bird nest, Bird Nest, Boost immune system and Lung, Premium Bird Nest,