PREMIUM DOWSING RODS from Skyhealing.Com

By: Skyhealing.Com  27/01/2010
Keywords: Past Life Regression, Tuning Forks, Cranio Sacral Therapy



These rods are  a pair of 'L' rods made of bronze with copper swivel handles for dowsers who prefer not to have direct rod contact and measure approx 12" x 5", these rods have been highly charged by earth energies to absorb some of the strong earth energies present in areas like Stonehenge.

1. To locate a potable water supply, including flow volume, direction of flow, depth and quality.
2. Where to plant a tree in the garden for the greatest benifit to the plant.
3. Where to locate or not to locate septic tanks.
4.To locate metals.
5. To find oil.
6. To find lost treasures.
7. To locate missing people, animals and other objects.
8. To determine directions 'compass points' or your best journey route.
9. To locate underground services.
10. To diagnose car troubles.
11. To determine the deseases of plants and find the best remedies, is it short of water/too much, short of nutrients.
12. To choose the best:Home, Car, Pet, Vacation, Location, Menu item.
13. Aura dowsing.
14. Health dowsing - you do not diagnose ilness but you can find contributing factors.
15. To choose the best modality (Actupunture, massage, herbs etc.
16.To choose supplements, herbs or foods, doseage and frequency.
17.To determine allergies or sensitivities.
18. To choose affirmations.
19. To choose which colours are best to wear each day.
20. In fact answers to any question that has a yes/no answer. 
$98                    Standard aluminium rods that do not swivel also available at  11"x5" $36.


Keywords: Cranio Sacral Therapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki/Cranio Sacral Therapy, Tuning Forks,