Magic Boobs Body Shaper Bra

Magic Boobs Body Shaper Bra from Magic Global Group

By: Magic Global Group   15/10/2013
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A uniquely designed bra that utilizes state of-the-art fabric commonly used in space suits & comes coupled with negative ions, far-infrared, maifanite stone, bio-magnet, & bamboo charcoal & trace element capabilities. -Magic BooBs material is elegantly hued, luxuriously smooth & soft, elastic, comfortable, colorfast &shrink-proof. -Magic BooBs uses quality silk fabric incorporates an elastic structure & a double vapours barrier layer. -Magic BooBs is comfortably airy, sweat-absorbent, deodorizing & anti-bacterial. -Weighing 50g & only 0.5mm thin, it;s the worlds lightest & thinnest bra! BENEFITS- MAGIC BOOBS Magic BooBs is the First Global R&D Technology Bra, where softness & toughness can reach 18 times of ordinary materials. Li up: the L-type high flexibility breast support is so just like our hands, wear it & with just a pull, busts line will be lifted up 90 degrees immediately. Lock fat: the O style memory cup is made from an advanced plastic chests mould in France, it helps to centralize the disperse breasts again. Re-development: Consists of 1900 life magnetic points in the cup, once in contact with chest, it releases contact with chest, it releases 1000 Gaussian electro-magnetic, dredge the meridians, & promotes the redevelopment of the chest & mammary gland. Magic BooBs manage all the idle fat around us, from two nipples to the middle of clavicle. Magic BooBs helps to maintain the golden triangle, thus, breasts can maintain their shape. When you wake up, you will find sagging breasts being lied & disperse breasts have centralized! Key Features of Magic BooBs Magic BooBs is sport style underwear it helps sagging breasts by centralizing them & lifting them up. Magic BooBs is made from strong sweat absorbing high-tech material, suitable for active women. Magic BooBs shoulder straps are wide to protect the breasts by holding your breasts comfortably & snugly. Magic BooBs adopts the deep cup style, hence, it can hold fleshy breasts as well. It will push the breasts upward & your breasts can have enough space for growth. Magic BooBs has thick front & back band which can smooth bulging fats instantly. You can wear tight fitting clothes with confidence! Magic BooBs helps in the secondary growth of your breasts safely & effectively without any toxic & side effects. Magic BooBs is suitable for the teenage girls as it can hold the position of the breasts to prevent the spill over of fats, which will result in flat chest. Magic BooBs is suitable for women during pregnancy & lactation. After lactation, the bulgy breasts will shrink quickly. The breasts will hang down like two cloth bags if there is no external support. Effects of Magic BooBs After three months of wearing Magic BooBs, your breasts will be centralized and firmed. Your breasts will be shaped for 24hrs, so your chest will never run out of the shape even when you remove the Magic Boobs. Magic BooBs has no steel rims and rubber bone; it is just like natural underwear. Your chest will feel completely free in the process of shaping. Magic BooBs improves blood circulation and hence, reduce occurrence of mammary gland disease. Wearing Magic BooBs days and nights will make the chest more comfortable and healthy, and reduce the incidence of mammary gland disease. It’s made from a natural skin-friendly plus material, and will never cause allergy! Problems of sagging and asymmetry of breasts Congenital formation, age, eating habits & poor sleeping postures will cause breasts to deform. While sleeping, lying flat causes your breasts to droop sideways. While sleeping, lying on the side will cause breasts asymmetry.

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