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By: Magic Global Group   15/10/2013
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The Best Japanese Skin Exfoliant! Magic QQ Ball Facial Sponges, Konnyaku is the ultimate vegetable sponge that has been used reliably as a miracle cleanser in Japanese skin care for close to 100 years. This natural herbal ingredient (Amorphophallus Konjac), is also commonly known as the Voodoo Lily, Devil’s Tongue, Snake Plant and Dragon Plant. In Japan Konnyaku and Konjac have been included as part of healthy diet for over 1500 years. Initially developed in Japan for children, the texture of Magic QQ Ball Facial Sponges, has been proven to be excellent for adult skincare as well. Its composition of vegetable fiber provides gentle exfoliation perfect for all skin types. In the process it stimulates circulation and promotes skin cell regeneration. It sloughs away old epidermal layers revealing the youthful skin beneath. The weak alkali agents serve as an anti-bacterial to neutralize acids that cause black heads and acne while offering a gentle deep cleanse of the pores naturally. Glucomannan, which makes up about 40% of the plant’s corms, is recognized as a beneficial source of many nutrients and a natural detoxifier for the skin and body. In exfoliating Konnyaku sponges this essential property delays the effects of cell aging as it enhances blood circulation with every cleanse toward fresh polished skin. These pure vegetable sponges are being currently produced with natural additives such as Tomatoes for sensitive and dehydrated skin. The black carbon variety of this vegetable cleaner is mineral-rich to remove excess sebum and impurities from oily acne-prone skin. Generally, the sponge is effective with or without additional cleansers. If going green is important to you in maintaining healthy skin, Magic QQ Ball Facial Sponges, is 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe and sustainable. Once you’ve cleansed your skin with a Magic QQ Ball Facial Sponges, or Konjac sponge you’ll toss out all other exfoliating gloves and loofahs in favor of the ultimate gentle skin cleanser for a healthy glowing complexion—the best skin care courtesy of Japan. FOUR DIFFERENT TYPE OF MAGIC QQ SPONGE Magic QQ comes in 4 different “flavors”. The original, charcoal, tomato and Cucumber. Original magic QQ Ball is suitable for scrubbing most skin types and especially for removing make up. After a day out, it is important to remove one’s make up thoroughly before bedtime. If excess oils are not removed, it may lead to excess sebum build up and clogged pores. Charcoal has been used by the Japanese for many years to detoxify and clarify their skin. Charcoal Magic QQ Ball sponge is recommended to be used at night especially for those living in busy cities. Cucumber Magic QQ Ball has the same pH level as the skin therefore it is suitable for teenagers or baby’s.As they do not apply makeup or heavy makeup to their skin. An infant s skin pH is around 7, within a few months it adjusts to “normal” pH of 4.5 to 5.5, enabling it to be more resistant to bacteria. Tomato Magic QQ Ball is naturally acidic therefore this is very suitable for Atopic, senstive and acne skins. Therefore, magic QQ Ball with natural non synthetic fibers, high water content which makes it soft and porous, gentle on the skin, and pH close to your skin than most harsh cleansers is the ideal sponge for all skin types.Magic QQ Ball is a sponge that can be used with your own cleanser or without. KEY BENEFITS OF MAGIC QQ BALL Clearer Skin -> less blackheads Cleaner Skin -> Less clogged pores Younger Skin-> Healthier Complexion Less Wrinkles-> More elastic and firmer skin due to good hydration Less Abrasive-> Extra Gentle on

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