Funeral & Death Anniversary - in respect & honour

Funeral & Death Anniversary - in respect & honour from Express In Music

By: Express In Music  02/11/2009
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Life & death is unpredictable. At the end of one’s life, it can be seen that the journey travelled all these years can affect many other people’s lives. The stories that each individual had is unique and different… something so special that can only be related to close loved ones.

A Song Tribute $1,680
An original personalised song about him/her will be professionally written and recorded.

A Video-Photo Montage $328
Share with us the memories of your loved one through photos and past video clips. Reminisce and keep this specially edited version of video-photo montage dearly in your heart. This is sincerely a way of remembering the person from the bottom of your heart.

An Article Write-Up $218

At the end of the human life cycle, there are certainly accomplishments and milestones to be proud. Preserve the life story through an article write-up about the person. The featured article will be accompanied by 1-3 photos.

In memory with respect and honour, you will be able to reflect back on the memorable days, wonderful moments that are in fact… always with you.

This is For A Legacy.

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