Nylon 6&66 Yarn

Nylon 6&66 Yarn from melissa

By: melissa  01/09/2009
Keywords: Nylon, Polyamide, Nylon Yarn

   1. Nylon 6&66 high tenacity yarn:
      Raw White, UV-stabilized, 420D, 840D, 1260D, 1680D, 1890D  
      Dope dyed for variouse colours.  

   2. Twist Yarn Single 420D-12000D
      Twine 210D/3*3-210D/40*3

  3. Multi-compaction Yarn
     Specification 4000D-12000D 

    We also provide customization in terms of specification. 
  Our products have been exported to many countries, such as USA, Canada, Argentina, Japan, Norway, Holland, Turkey ,Iran, Taiwan ,Thailand, India, South Korea, etc.

  If any of the items is interesting to you, feel free to contact us.

Keywords: Nylon, Nylon Yarn, Polyamide