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JWH ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD is a building & cleaning service Company, which was established on 19/06/2000 and it was wholly managed by a group of experience people who share a common objective. JWH have built up a well respected reputation over the years to become one of the leaders in their field, especially the kitchen deep clean division.

Over the last few years we have built up an impressive client base which includes building societies, hotels, restaurants, local council, and government buildings.

Please contact us for more information on how we could help your business environment whether it’s a kitchen, office, and factory.

Kitchen deep cleaning, ventilation and ducting, degreasing, office & commercial Cleaning, factory high level cleaning, fire flood restoration, hard floor treatments, bakery Deep cleans, steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning. Cleaning work in Shopping centers, Food courts, Hotels, Multi-level office complexes, Factories, coffee shops, Residential estates, Super market maintenance.

Choose the services for your kitchen from the list below and contact us for more information.

  • Specialist one- off cleans

  • Health and safety cleans / food hygiene Inspection cleans

  • Area specific cleans

  • Regular cleaning programmes

  • Filter laundry service

  • Supply of specialist cleaning materials and consumables for your premises

Perfect for operators who have taken over new premises which are not at an acceptable standard of cleanliness or that are in serious need of a one – off deep clean. We will meet a representative on site and work through the appraisal system described in services – the process.

Perfect for operators who have received a food hygiene report that requires remedial action or for address an extraction system which has become a health and safety risk. We will meet with a representative and work with you, appraising the areas which require attention using our unique appraisal system – as described in services – the process.

We don’t need to clean everything! We realize that some operators prefer to claim their own kitchens. However, sometimes there are those jobs that you just don’t have the specialist tools, equipment or chemicals necessary to get results. Just tell us what you need and we’ll ensure a super high standard at a price you can afford.

Ask about our specialist oven cleaning service. Our sister company oven perfect specializes in the deep cleaning of ovens, both domestic and commercial. Therefore we can guarantee a higher standard of oven cleaning than the any other kitchen cleaning company.

Using kitchen staff for your cleaning needs isn’t always the most cost effective way. You could reduce the cost of potentially expensive annual cleans and benefit from a high standard of cleanliness year around, whilst being confident of a job well done.

This is a cost effective and worthwhile way of addressing your cleaning needs and maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness at all times. We can devise an affordable and regular cleaning programmes tailor – made for your kitchen.

We usually recommend a cleaning regime which begins with a one off deep clean or an area specific clean (offered at a discounted rate). We then visit your kitchen at regular intervals attending to agreed areas – we can do so as little or as often as required.

Because your kitchen is never likely to fall below a certain standard, we can adjust our prices to reflect this.

Because you are buying an ongoing service from us, we can offer this service at a very attractive price.

This service is ideal for eliminating the hassle and the worry of filter cleaning in a busy kitchen. We work to an agreed schedule that is tailor- made for you depending on your level of use. We collect soiled filters, replace them with fresh filters, clean the soiled filters then return and repeat the process. This service ensures your filters are kept in the best condition possible, ensuring your ventilation system is working at optimal levels and preventing your extraction system is working at optimal levels and preventing your extraction system from becoming a dangerous fire hazard.

When you contact us we will arrange for a JWH ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD representative to visit your premises and carry out the comprehensive site appraisal. You can leave the appraisal up to us if you require a full kitchen deep clean or you can ask us to appraise specific areas.

During the site appraisal we will grade your kitchen fabric and equipment using our unique color coding system:

Requires Substantial Attention

  • Requires Attention

  • Satisfactory

We then provide a copy of the site appraisal form and our quotation. This provides you with the comprehensive overview of what’s included in the quotation and why.

This system of appraisal is providing invaluable to our clients as it provides detailed and useful information, documenting the history of professional cleans carried out on their premises.

Typical industries requiring kitchen deep cleaning are listed below:

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Schools / Colleges

  • Staff / Public canteens

  • Care / Nursing homes

  • Hospitals

  • Bakeries

  • Ovens / gas and electric

  • Deep fat fryers

  • Combi / steam ovens

  • Bain marie hot cupboards

  • Griddle plates

  • Hot / cold food preparation areas

We are fully trained to provide a complete carpet and upholstery services by PROCHEM system. This includes treating flood damage, odour removal, protective treatments etc.

Deep cleans, floor stripping and sealing, duct cleaning, builders cleans etc.

We offer contract cleaning on weekly, monthly and daily basis, or just ones a week.

JWH ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD is a well established commercial cleaning company. We are providing a wide range of services to our customers. We have over the past few years stripped and sealed floors at a prestigious museum in a major town, completely deep cleaned several school kitchen, cleaned the ducts in various pub kitchens cleaned the carpets of a large community center and restaurants , hotels etc.


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