Reading and Phonic Classes (Code the Sound)

Reading and Phonic Classes (Code the Sound) from Knowledge Tree Literacy LC

By: Knowledge Tree Literacy LC  16/06/2009
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Our reading program is for children who are not able to read at their age level. We train children in two important areas to attain reading fluency - discriminating sounds (pulling apart different sounds that make a word) and blending (putting together sounds to read a word). Discriminating sounds enable the child to spell. Blending enables the child to read. Our lessons are structured in a manner that the child will be able to commit these skills to long-term memory. Many children in our reading classes has shown tremedous improvements, some even within the 1st 5 lessons. If your child is struggling to read or unable to read at his age level, please SMS your email address to 91512254 for more details. Our new weekly reading classes starts July 2009.


1) Elva showed me her coding practice that u did with her today and I am very impressed. Her reading has improved tremendously under your teaching. Once again, Thank you very much. - Ms Dawn, mum of Elva aged 6.

2) After struggling to teach Yee Kern for some years, we discovered he was dyslexic. At K1, he could not do blending even after trying him out at schools such as "Growing up Gifted" and "I Can Read" phonic classes. It was a test of patience for us parents, coupled with the fact that he dislikes doing reading practices on his own. After a few months with "Code the Sound", he started reading and pronouncing street signs, signboards and subtitles. He has grown more confident in his reading and starts reading storybooks on his own. Thanks for your help. - Mdm Tan Chin Chia, mother of Tan Yee Kern, aged 6.

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