Duplicate All Type of Keys

Duplicate All Type of Keys from Soxxi Pte. Ltd.

By: Soxxi Pte. Ltd.  14/03/2012
Keywords: Automotive, Car Equipment, Accessories, Parts & Services, Car

Retail / Services:  
· Make replacement car key for all key lost situation
· Duplicate original and aftermarket transponder keys
· Supply and program genuine car remotes and keys
· Repair and solve car immobilizer problems
· Replace broken key shells
· Replace car remote batteries
· Convert to foldable type remote-keys
· Duplicate RF door access cards / tags for digital door lock
· Duplicate aftermarket car remotes
· Install car alarm and anti-hijack system
· Duplicate licensed Disney and Garfield House keys
· Duplicate key for all types of locks (flat, laser, tibbie, simplex, dimple, cruxiform, tabular and bit)
· Cut key by code using electronic machines (Unocode Evo, Triaxe, Viper etc.)
· Auto batch-copying of master keys using Leonardo
· Electronic key marking and engraving 

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