O-level Power Revision Program

By: Advocators  19/05/2009
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Are you a parent with a child in Secondary 4?

You want your child to score A1 in his O level?
You want your child to be self-motivated all the time
You want your child to
cover the 4-year syllabus in 6 days?
You want your child to have confidence in his exams

Do not worry if such things hasn’t happened yet.

The GOOD NEWS is we have planned a 6-day “POWER REVISIONworkshop especially for Secondary 4 students.

This programme is specially designed to teach students identify and categorize the many variants of questions of the topics taught, and more importantly, to impart them with short simple strategies to help them score.

So it doesn’t matter if your child are already doing well or not passing at the moment as their behavior and attitude will be influenced towards achieving.

This 6-day POWER REVISIONworkshop can help to create a jump in your childO-level results

Simply provide us the following particulars                
1) Parent and Child name                      
2) School                                             
3) Current Results


1) Email

2) SMS 8233 2753 

3) Call 6251 3359

for a seat in our coming Preview session

Check us out now at  , email to or call 6251 3359 for more information.

Keywords: Education And Training, Tuition