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By: Colin Tham  23/09/2016
Keywords: Beauty Products & Services, Skin Care, Plastic Surgery

Are you tired of seeing frown lines in your face? Botox can deal with that problem. This is a cosmetic method that is commonly used in Singapore. It cna decrease wrinkles that appear in the face, forehead lines and crow's feet too. Dr. Colin Tham is a plastic surgeon in Singapore who conducts this cosmetic procedure. He even treats patients who have excessive sweating especially in thier hands and sweating through botox. And how long will this last? Usually it can lasts 4 to 12 months varying on the area and dose of treatment that the patient takes. Know more about botox and other cosmetic procedures at Asia Health Partners- Aesthetics in Singapore. Tel : (65) 62358411 Fax : (65) 67329789 Email : [email protected]

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