Constipation / bowel disorder ?

Constipation / bowel disorder ? from FlorenceGourmet

By: FlorenceGourmet  23/03/2010
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Looking to improves digestion and smoothens bowel movement ? We have the solution!

Our bodies need enzymes to break down the nutrients in our body, so that the nutrients can pass through the intestinal walls and be absorbed into our blood. Without enzymes, the vitamins and minerals that we consume really are just passing through our system being of no use.

Enzymes are produced within the body, however, the amount of enzymes reduces as we grow older. In addition, polluted environments, imbalanced diet and unhealthy lifestyle are among the factors that cause the reduction of enzyme productivity in the body.

After a prolonged period of depleting the enzymes in our body, and not replenishing them quick enough, two things happen:

  • Our body works overtime to produce more enzymes, causing extra stress which affects our immune system. This lowers our ability to protect from and fight diseases.
  • Our digestive system eventually slows down for lack of enzymes, causing food to be undigested. This undigested food stays in our system and begins to ferment and pollute our blood (a condition called "toxemia").

Significant short and long-term health problems start to take place. Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, migraine, PMS, bowel disorder, food allergies, acne, psoriasis, bloating, flatulence, fatigue, anxiety, depression and a long list of other diseases are results of toxemia.

Kmaster Fruit Enzyme is a nutritious enzyme drink naturally fermented from fruits. It is free from additives, chemicals and preservatives.

Characterized by its refreshing fruity taste , Kmaster Fruit Enzyme is your good choice as daily healthy drink.

For enquiries, please contact Albert Tan @ 96175718 or e-mail for more info.

Keywords: Caterers, Catering Services