Accounting, Accounting Outsourcing Services, Accounting & Tax, Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

Accounting, Accounting Outsourcing Services, Accounting & Tax, Bookkeeping Services in Singapore from 1 ACCOUNTING & CONSULTING SERVICES

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Here are the 7 reasons why you should choose to 1 Accounting & Consulting Services among other accounting firms.  Plain and simple, it is our commitment to deliver high quality accounting & tax services: - timely, accurate, consistent and cost effective.

- We are highly goal-focussed and passionate about ensuring finance being not only a service center but also a business partner to your organisation

- We are not data crunching only.  We aim to improve your business processes with internal controls

- You will receive advice on accounting and tax implications of projects and major transactions based on latest local and regional standards and obligations
- You make more informed business decision as we provide you with insight of the review of historical and current results and the financial analysis or financial modeling for before you make your business decision.
- Your business risks associated with your decision made will be regularly assessed with our pro-active approach.

- You receive consistent customer services 

- We pay great attention to details and possess quick processing skills. 

The listed services are by no means comprehensive.  1 Accounting & Consulting Services is delighted to provide any other related Accounting, Tax, Management and Consultancy services not listed below.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  

-  Professional Accounting Services (customised & personalised to match your needs - monthly, quarterly or yearly)

-   Non-routine Accounting Services (backlog, messy account, strike off, year end account)

-   Tax Filing & Reporting, Tax Return Preparation and Tax Planning Services

-   Payroll Services

-  Company Secretarial Services

Find out more from us via

Hotline: 6571 7030
SMS to Helen: 9698 8724
Email: [email protected]

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