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By: Essential Kneads Pte Ltd   22/08/2011
Keywords: workplace health promotion, Office Massage, Mobile Massage

Mobile Massage is perfect to recharge and refresh your employees as there is little or no disruption to your working environment. Just provide us with a space and we will assure you a refreshing experience. It makes the ideal stress-busting regime. A regular office massage at your workplace program as an ongoing staff benefit can improve staff wellness, increase staff morale, reduce workplace stress and foster work-life-balance. The results are instantaneous. Your colleagues and you can expect decreased in job stress, increased alertness and a significant boost in productivity after the sessions. Sit and relax while we perform the massage.

Keywords: Mobile Massage, Office Massage, Onsite Massage, Staff Appreciation, Staff Incentive, workplace health promotion,

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Workplace Health Promotion Grant

Workplace Health Promotion Grant Singapore's Health Promotion Board's Workplace Health Promotion programme includes a mental health education programme that encourages managing stress before it manages you and getting into a healthy state of mind. Many companies have also used the workplace health promotion grant in their workplace health promotion effort. Onsite Office Massage has been shown to reduce stress and encourages individuals to adopt a healthy body through the identificatio

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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance Work-life balance is a broad concept including proper prioritizing between career and ambition on one hand, compared with pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development on the other. As the separation between work and home life has diminished, this concept has become more relevant than ever before. Traditional stress-management programs placed the responsibility of reducing stress on the individual rather than on the organization-where it belongs. No matter how

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Spa Party | Spa Parties

Spa Party | Spa Parties Essential Kneads Spa Party offers a truly amazing alternative to organizing a spa party at a regular spa. Our Spa Party packages allow all your clients and friends to relax together in the same space right in the comfort of your special venue rather than being separated in different treatment rooms.

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Store Opening Massage

Store Opening Massage Free Massage and nail services pull crowds into your store opening. It also builds goodwill between media professionals who may be writing that next BIG feature about your new sto

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Product Launch Massage

Product Launch Massage Complimentary Massage is a great way to attract crowds and great write ups from the press media during your product launch.Pamper your guests and media professionals with massage and nail services is a win-win-win strategy.

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Sports Events Massage

Sports Events Massage Massage at your corporate, club or social sports event will help to prevent injury and speed recovery time. A popular choice for golf tournaments, marathons, company sports events, and rugby competitons. Pre-event massage gets the blood flowing in muscles for action, while post-event massage flushes toxins built up in muscles during massage.

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Retail Sales Massage

Retail Sales Massage Offer free massage to increase your retail sales! Massage is a win-win strategy to help pull in the sales for your mall. Retail Malls like Isetan, Robinson, and Tangs have used Essential Kneads massage services to maximise their sales to a new high levels! Whether Great Singapore Sales, F1 Formula season, Christmas Sales, or ANY sales, we can add value to your retail campaign.

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Marketing Campaign Massage

Marketing Campaign Massage Integrate massage into your marketing campaigns by pampering your customers with complimentary massage. Massage is a great marketing strategy to achieve your sales and marketing targets. Customers relate your product or service to massage and relaxation. This marketing campaign strategy strengthens your brand value and increases customer base.

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Client Appreciation Massage

Client Appreciation Massage Send a gift of massage to your VIP clients. Using massage for client appreciation makes your clients feel appreciated and an unforgettable experience. Free Massage leaves a great impression on the host, and makes the receiver feel appreciated, relaxed and recharged. You can send massage as client appreciation to your clients during their anniversaries, celebrations, peak periods, or just any occasion! Give us a call. We will help you with all the planning a

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Massage for Family Days

Massage for Family Days Essential Kneads massage services is the ultimate popular activity in family days. Our Family Day massage teams have seen action in all major Singapore attractions. Choose shoulder massage, back massage, foot massage, and head massage to keep all your guests busy and entertained during your family day. Whether you're trying to impress your boss, your guests, or your clients, you'll shine for choosing Essential Kneads.

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Massage for Meetings

Massage for Meetings Energize your mind and psych you up for a big brainstorming session. Have another massage after meetings to clear your mind from clutters to effectively process those important points from your meeting. Massage is essential for meetings that stretch over the day.Have a massage during breaks to maintain your concentration and relax everyone in the board room. Have a break, have a massage!

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Massage for Exhibitions

Massage for Exhibitions Create exhibit attractions that draw lots of qualified attendees to your exhibit and give them a physically relaxing memorable experience to feel better about your company. Our massage therapists are experienced in exhinitions and trade show massage. We help make your job easier, help assure attendee satisfaction while helping ensure you achieve great exhibition and trade show results. What can you achieve with "free massage"? A constant draw to your

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Massage for Tradeshows

Massage for Tradeshows Whether you plan to put on a tradeshow, hold business meetings, promote business-to-business relationships in the international marketplace, Essential Kneads will be your preferred business partner. Quality buyers, key decision makers will be attracted to your tradeshow booth with FREE Massage. Engage Essential Kneads for your next Tradeshow event. What can you achieve with "free massage"? A constant draw to your exhibit every day of the event Big

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Massage for Conferences

Massage for Conferences Revitalise delegates with massage so they remain focused for the duration of your conference. Massage also creates a more relaxed environment to assist concentration and learning. Since 1999, Essential Kneads has been in providing massage services for conferences delegates and organisers at Singapore Changi Expo, Suntec International Exhibition & Convention Centre, and all major hotels across Singapore. Watch our conference massage team in action at Singapore Expo.

Health Week | Wellness Week Massage from Essential Kneads Pte Ltd  thumbnail

Health Week | Wellness Week Massage

Health Week | Wellness Week Massage Massage is the perfect activity for your health week or wellness week. Massage maintains and improves health. Having massage in your Health week or wellness week for staff emphasizes that you care for their health, motivating them to do the same. Engage Massage for your next Health Wellness week!