Fresh Coconut Supplier!

Fresh Coconut Supplier! from Simply Fresh Trading

By: Simply Fresh Trading  02/10/2009
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Fresh Coconuts Water have been known as 'fluid of life', especially those in the young stage of growth which give best Health Enhancing benefit.It is incredibly nutritious & its also known as the best Re-Hydrating Fluid for our body after exercise.

All thanks to the hydrating properties which enable our bodies to cool down with ease in hot weather and after strenuous workout. The flesh and its natural vitamins and minerals can help promote healthy Kidney function as well as add to our general well being.It wards off tiredness after our long day of work or school, ideal for all ages.

Good for preggie in their 3rd semester too. It cools down the heatiness and assist in smooth delivery.Best Outdoor Event Beverage!

We cater to Family Day, Schools Event, Corporate Fruits Day, Seasonal Fruits Party, Buffet, etc.
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