Wholesale Golf Clubs TaylorMade Burner Fairway Wood 2008 Cheapest for Sale

Wholesale Golf Clubs TaylorMade Burner Fairway Wood 2008 Cheapest for Sale from wholesale golf equipment

By: wholesale golf equipment  28/07/2010
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The features are interesting and, like all golf club descriptions, a bit technical. So, what's in it for your average golfer to use a Burner fairway wood?

o It's easy to hit and its high trajectory results in more carry and distance.

o The large club head increases forgiveness if you strike the golf ball a little off center.

o The triangular head focuses weight and, again, increases the forgiveness factor.

o As mentioned, the really light graphic shafts increase swing speed and distance.

The come in two flavors, High Launch, which is designed to help golfers with average swing speeds launch the ball on a "towering, long-carrying flight" and Tour Launch  which is designed for better players with higher swing speeds to give them a more penetrating ball flight while still allowing for workability.

Both versions share several design characteristics, the first being the Dual Crown technology which is also featured in the Tour Burner driver. Featuring a crown that is smaller than the sole helps to lower the center of gravity to make it easier to launch the ball higher with less spin. What does this technology mean to you? More distance, baby!

The also boast what TaylorMade calls "Ultra-Thin Wall technology" meaning the walls of the clubhead is a measly .55 millimeters, making them easier to generate some serious clubhead speed.

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Keywords: Wholesale Golf Equipment