Upper Sec Physics Academic Coaching

By: Advocators Education  14/02/2011
Keywords: Physics

Do you have challenges scoring for Physics?

Do you find Physics tough to understand and the concepts hard to apply?

Do you want an A1 for Physics?


If your answer is YES, I am ready to work with you to get the results you want! It is important that you want it. Why? "There is nothing you are supposed to do, only those that you want to!"


I have a Proven A1 SYSTEM for you!

Just imagine! You ONLY need to memorize less than 5 to 6 concepts per chapter to score in exams. I will pinpoint to you what is important and what types of questions will be tested and how you can model answers accordingly.


Besides the above-mentioned benefits, we also influence their behaviour and attitude towards achieving. Therefore, this programme is suitable for students who are already doing well and want to excel as well as for students who are not passing at the moment.


Why are we confident of delivering results?

Simply because we have createda proven system to successfully impart students with the right skills and strategies in the shortest possible time to see results. We will illustrate and deliver the power of condensing the required information for them, show them the types of questions that will likely be tested in GCE ‘O’ Levels and prepare their mindset of scoring and achieving instead of giving up.

Take the first step by attending our free evaluation session!

 From the 1-hour Evaluation Session, your child will:
 1) Experience a Change in Attitude towards the subject and learning
 2) Experience a Change in MINDSET and Beliefs!
 3) Discover his learning patterns!
 4) Learn how to change his results!

Book an evaluation session now:

1. Pick up the phone now to dial 6251 3359 to arrange for a free, no-obligation evaluation session.




2. SMS 8233 2753/Email with the following information:


- Name of Student

- School

- Level

- Current Grades

- Contact number


Visit for more details.

Keywords: Physics

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