Play Therapy for Children ages 3-11

By: All in the Family Counselling  14/02/2011
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Play Therapy is a complete therapeutic system for working with children between the ages of 3 and 11.  A child's natural language is through play and toys are the symbols through which a child communicates. Play therapy recognizes that children are not miniature adults and therefore uses the language and communication tools of a child in a safe and accepting environment with a skilled play therapist to promote growth, self-awareness, independence and foster positive change. Play therapy is much more than the toys in a the room. For more information contact us. at 9030 7239

All in the Family Counselling provides play therapy in a therapeutic play therapy room.  All in the Family Counselling follows the American Play Therapy Associations ethical guidelines and training mandates to ensure appropriate treatment for children. For more information about how play therapy can help your child contact All in the Family Counselling. Otherwise visit the American Play Therapy Association for more information.

Answers to Frequent Questions:
A child engaged in play therapy is not just playing, they are learning and experiencing self-determination, choice and self-control. Children learn about him/herself and their world through play.
In the process of play, a child is able to process and solve problems in their own language and own their own terms.

Toys are specifically selected in a play therapy room to help facilitate a number of emotions that adults are able to use words for. A carefully stocked and developed play therapy room is similar to what a dictionary or a rich emotional vocabulary is to an adult

The therapist role in play therapy is not to play with or entertain the child. Instead the play therapist is providing a warm, safe, secure and accepting relationship with the child to help facilitate the child own self-acceptance

Keywords: American Counselor

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