VASER LipoSelection (suction-based fat removal)

By: BCNG Laser & Medical Aesthetics  18/07/2008
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An innovative body sculpting option that uses patented VASER(r) technology to break up permanently remove unwanted fat, while minimally disturbing other important tissues critical to an optimal recovery smooth results

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance

Until now, traditional surgical fat removal procedures have been more about mechanical avulsion suction of fatty tissue (including surrounding nerves, blood vessels connective tissue)

The physician makes a tiny incision in the targeted area infuses a saline solution mixed with lidocaine epinephrine to help shrink blood vessels numb the area to be treated

The physician then inserts a small patented probe that emits ultrasonic waves to selectively break up fat deposits, leaving important tissues relatively intact

Once the fatty tissue is emulsified, it can be removed through the small incision with massage /or controlled suction designed to be gentle.

Any residual fatty tissue not removed from the body is either absorbed or smoothly reshaped to the patient’s contour

Blood vessels are minimally disrupted = Patients report low to minimal bruising

Nerves are minimally disrupted = Patients report low to minimal pain

Connective tissues are minimally disrupted = Patients physicians report smooth predictable results

NeuGlowprovides LipoSelection(r) at our comprehensive medical aesthetics centre (OUB Centre)

Our clinic at OUB Centre provides a safe surgical environment conducive medical set-up for carrying out the procedure in privacy

Our doctors have undergone training to perform VASER assisted LipoSelection(r)

We have a team of professional doctors and nurses to attend to you

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