Meridian Health Therapy Retreat and Workshop

Meridian Health Therapy Retreat and Workshop from Beacon LOHAS LLP

By: Beacon LOHAS LLP  03/10/2009
Keywords: Slimming, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy

 Meridian Massage (DIY) Comprehensive Workshop
A cost effective approach for Total Wellnes

The two full days session and RETREAT are designed for participants have in depth understanding of Meridian Health through lively interacition and practical hands-on.

It a Health & GOOD getaway for them to REFRESH, RECHARGE and REJUVENATE. Participants will have FUN and Enriching Learning Experience.
1) Understand the wood, fire, earth, metal and water of our body.
2) Learn the fundamental of meridians and how it affect our health, emotion & natural beauty.
3) The Twelve Important Meridians
4) Self-check your health and customize your own meridian massage. This can be use to take care your family as well.
5) One week practical and follow up session.
6) Simple massage routine to strengthen respiratory system (to relieve asthamtic, sinus, sensitve nose condition)
7) Effective massage and exercise for relieving stress, migraine, pain and ache.
8) One minute effective massage for Men & Women, Energy and Vitality, Healthier Reproductive System, Hormonal Balance
9) Massage to improve digestive system and detoxification (Bloated Stomach, Indigestion, Appetite)
10) Simple steps to weight management, radiant skin and hair growth
11) Healthy Herbal Eating

Latest Testimonial:
"Very enlightening workshop. Suitable for anyone who wishes to know about self-massage, personal health and well being", Dr. Neo, 30 Aug 09
"I have this neck pain for past one week, and you helped relieve it within 5 mins. Thanks for teaching this!", Regina, Retiree, 14 Aug 09.

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