Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Surface Cleaner - F.O.G Digester)

Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Surface Cleaner - F.O.G Digester) from Bio-Culture Marketing LLP

By: Bio-Culture Marketing LLP  27/05/2014
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Surface Cleaner F.O.G Digester is a bio treatment which consists of high-performance enzymes and micro-organisms that are capable of degrading compounds of biological molecules, oil, grease, dirt, and organic materials on the surface of production running area or in the kitchen. It also removes dirt, oil, fat accumulation in the sewer, septic tank, or grease trapped in houses. - Synergistic blend of selected non-pathogenic microbes with non-toxic formulation of biological activators, which digest hydrocarbon, oil and organic molecule. - Neutral pH, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-flammable. - Clean-up any hydrocarbon-based spill on production or shop floors, highways, railroads, barges or pipelines. - Reduce fly infestations by eliminating F.O.G. built-up. - Reduce odors caused by rancid F.O.G. accumulation. - Enhance the efficiency of wastewater treatment. Remediate these and more: Benzene, Gasoline, Cutting Fluids, Fuel Oils, Jet fuel, Lubricating Oil, Glycols, Diesel, Hydraulic Oil, Skydrol, Grease, Motor Oil, and more. How to Apply: - Mopping: Fill container with properly diluted product (with water 1:50 to 1:100). For best results, with oily floors or visible oil, allow the solution to remain on the surface for about 30 seconds before mopping. Liberally apply to floor with a wet mop and agitate solution into surface. - Auto Floor Scrubber: Start with 1: 100 dilutions rate and adjust after testing. - Degreasing: Fill container with properly diluted product. After any directions, pour the remaining contents down the floor drain in order to treat the drain line and grease trap. How to Keep: The product should be avoid in activities with direct contact with food. To maintain optimal performance, cylinders should be stored in the biomass treatment products packaging and not entirely expose to sunlight. Package sizes 250 ml 1 litre 5 litre 20 litres

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