BioLife Marketing Launches New Healthy Tea

By: Biolife Marketing (S) Pte Ltd  30/11/2007

BioLife Marketing, the sole distributor of the Good ImageTea(tm) today releases three new types of tea during the Food Beverage Fair 2007 inSingapore. Like the classic Good Image Tea(tm) , the Good Image Cat Whiskers Tea, GoodImage Roselle Tea and Good Image Ginger Tea are uniquely formulated under theguidance of Dr. Aoyama Kanahiro from the University of Tokyo and Professor of ShengYangMedicine University of China. Each is produced from traditional herbs and is manufacturedby BioLife Marketing’s associated GMP-certified herbal manufacturing plant in Malaysia.“Tea has been appreciated for a few thousands years now and its benefits are easily found by doing a search on the Internet. As a healthy beverage, the number of consumers is growing annually. Since the successful launch of the Good Image Tea(tm) five years ago in Malaysia and three years ago in Singapore, we have been getting constant feedback from our customersto create variations out of other great traditional herbs.” said Ang Ah Sin, General Manager of BioLife Marketing. Commenting on Good Image Tea, Wellness Consultant, Ong Kuan Kuan stated, “I'm in the wellness business and am very familiar with the various health cleansing products in themarket. When I was introduced to Good Image Tea recently, apart from its good cleansing capability, I was pretty impressed with the refreshing feeling derived as the warmth built up inmy body coupled with its cool minty aftertaste."Good Image Cat Whiskers Tea is derived from the traditional tropical ClerodendranthusSpicatus herb, better known as ShenCha (kidney tea) or MaoXuCao (Cat Whiskers herb) inChinese. ShenCha is believed to be anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-hypersensitivity anddiuretic properties. Good Image Cat Whiskers Tea is blended with Wulong Tea, TeaPolyphenols or ShengDi(??)as well as with another traditional herb called GlycyrrhizaUralensis or GanCao(??).Good Image Roselle Tea is derived from the flower of another traditional herb called Roselleor LuoShenHua (???) in Chinese. Roselle is known for promoting healthy intestinal andurinary systems. The unique blending with Mentha, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis and green tea givesa sweet and subtly sour fragrance to the Good Image Roselle Tea, thus making it a refreshing,thirst quenching and healthy drink.Good Image Ginger Tea is produced from high quality dry ginger and uniquely blended withMentha, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis and Lycium or QiZi(??). Thus instead of the strong gingerysmell, Good Image Ginger Tea gives a subtle mint fragrance while delivering the warmingand traditional effects of the ginger and aids in digestion.“To ensure freshness, portability and ease of storage, all Good Image teabags are individuallysealed. They are free from any preservative or artificial colouring”, said Mr. Lai Liew Ming,Managing Director of Comfort Herbal Manufacturing Sdn Bdn.“BioLife’s vision is to facilitate ‘Healthy Indulgence’ and we will continue to develop newproducts based on the other traditional herbs that appeal and be beneficial to the healthconsciouscommunity. We expect our revenue to increase ten fold by the end of 2007”, saidAng.Pricing and availabilityGood Image Cat Whiskers Tea (S$29.90, 30 sachets), Good Image Roselle Tea (S$29.90, 30sachets) and Good Image Ginger Tea (S$19.90, 20 sachets), will be available from 19th March2007 at selected medical stores, spas, beauty salons and other retail outlets in Singapore.All Good Image products can also be purchased online at

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