How To Create Impactful SMS Campaign - Part 1

How To Create Impactful SMS Campaign - Part 1 from Bluocean Technology Pte Ltd

By: Bluocean Technology Pte Ltd  06/04/2010
Keywords: Advertising And Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Sms Marketing

(1) Address Your Customer By Their Name

  • - What is the most beautiful marketing word in the world that you can use to relate to a person? Yes, this person’s name. His/her name is the most important and most beautiful word in his/her world. Simple.
  • - How will you feel if someone addresses you by your name? Will it excite you? Will it impress you?
  • - Surprise your customers that you remember who they are. The power of personal touch cannot be denied..
  • - Start addressing every customer by their preferred names today. 
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(2) Short and Sweet
  •  - Less is More for SMS marketing campaign
  • -  If your SMS text is 200 words, see if you can make it 160 words or even lesser.
  • -  You need to catch your customers’ attention in the shortest time. At one glance, they must know what you want to tell them, and not a long story. Appreciate that customers are busy people too, and being short & concise is a virtue.

(3) What Is It In It For Me?

  • -  It is never truer that people are more interested in "What Is It In For Me"..
  • -  Stop telling them only what you have, just tell them what is it for them (i.e. the benefits)
  • -  A little difference, making a huge difference in your results

To be continued...

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Keywords: Advertising And Marketing, bulk sms broadcast, mass sms, Mobile Marketing, Sms Marketing

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