Organic French Grey Sea Salt

Organic French Grey Sea Salt from C'est Naturel

By: C'est Naturel  17/07/2009
Keywords: Acne, Body Scrub, Sea Salts

C’est Naturel’s Organic French Grey Sea Salt is NEP (Nature en Progress) certified, that is, its purity and cleanliness is assured. Coming from the Guerande region of France, it is one of the best sea salts around. The region of France where these salts are produced have some of the most famous Thallasotherapy clinics and spas in the world. The salt’s grey colour forms when sea water is channelled into claylined evaporation ponds. The clay also adds to the high mineral content of the salt.

Using traditional Celtic methods of harvesting salts, the salt crystals are collected by hand and undergo no treatment after harvesting so that its essential nutrients are retained. C'est Naturel's French Grey Sea Salt is never heated or processed. Instead, it is collected by hand, then dried by solar evaporation and stone ground.

Its low sodium content allows for more magnesium, calcium and potassium, as well as, trace elements such as copper, zinc, iron, manganese, and minute amounts of iodine and fluoride. 

Keywords: Acne, Body Scrub, salt therapy, Sea Salts,