Cellulaire Suisse Sheep Placenta Supplement

Cellulaire Suisse Sheep Placenta Supplement from CELLULAIRE SUISSE

Keywords: Anti-aging Nutritional products, pigmentation treatment products,

 Cellulaire Suisse’s philosophy encapsulates the transformative power of Cell Therapy to awake dormant cells within the human body, thereby stimulating their growth, and also to repair and regenerate old and malfunctioning cells.

The components in each Cellulaire Suisse softgel comprise of the finest Sheep Placenta Extracts of 420 mg, in concentration of 50:1, equivalent to 21,000 mg of fresh placenta extracts, 1st grade Collagen Peptides 100 mg, DNA Marine Protein Extracts 60 mg, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 60 mg and Grape Seed Extracts 20 mg. They are all synergistically blended together to provide the optimum potency and bioavailability of anti-ageing effects for health and beauty.

As a quality, safe and effective Swiss and USA researched, formulated and generated natural health and beauty remedy, it is poised to bring out the revitalization in your body and the glow of skin health from within. Containing all the essential nutrients, Cellulaire Suisse increases cell oxygenation, facilitate and promote a better immune system toward betterment of general well being and improved skin complexion.

Cellulaire Suisse Softgel is a Swiss original formulation developed by an eminent team of scientific biotechnologists in Switzerland, Germany and USA specialized in cutting edge cell therapy, and using only nature’s finest, freshest and purest all-natural ingredients from sheep to grape seeds, with absolutely no artificial additives, for optimum safety to consumers. In maintaining the high efficacy and bioactive nutrients , Cellulaire Suisse softgels are prepared by a unique Cold Press Extraction Technology Method to preserve the bio-actives in the placenta instead of using the usual heat extraction method that can destroy or change their molecular structure. The current production is an upgraded version of Cellulaire Suisse softgels from an advanced new formula with an assurance of high quality control since its market existence in 1999 in Europe and Asia.

Keywords: Anti-aging Nutritional products, pigmentation treatment products,