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By: chubbygalshopping  03/08/2014
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Lianibo Day Cream (LD-801) This product contains natural bearberry and hormone extracted from many herbs to coordinate antimicrobial, antiphlogistic enzyme and vitamins for preparing double whitening factor to dissolve and eliminate black spots, freckles, all kinds of spots and pimples caused by infection of bacteria. It can be immerge into deep subcutaneous tissue to eliminate incubate pimples and dissolve melanin to become whiter and whiter. 主要成份 Main Ingredient : Titanium Dioxide/TiO(氧化钛)、Cetyl Alcohol(鲸腊醇)、Glyceryl Monosterate(单硬脂酸甘油酯)、propylene glycol(丙二醇)、beeswax (蜂蜡), Isopropyl Myristate(肉豆蔻酸异丙酯)、Vaselin(凡士林)、Perfume (香水), Lanolin(羊毛脂)、Bearberry/Arbutin(熊果素)、Arnica(山金车)、Vitamin E(维他命E) 亮丽宝(日霜) LD-801 含有天然增白元素(Bearberry)以及各种青草植物所提炼的营养激素,配合抗菌素、消炎酵素、多种维他命调配而成,具有双重增白因子,直接分解祛除 已经形成的黑斑、雀斑等各种斑点以及被细菌所感染而成的面疱,并能渗入深层皮下组织治疗潜伏的面疱,分解黑色素,达到完全增白效果,另本品含有防晒因子, 能抵抗有害阳光紫外线之UVA及UVB,使皮肤更美白、健康! Lianibo Night Cream (LD-802) - Type: Soft Cream This product contains high unit protein and yoyuimin which extracted from plants to coordinate Vitamin A, D, E, moisturizer, active regenerator to provide deep active fbrin to make cell membrane transmit and excrete the melanin faster. It is a top product for eliminating black spots, freckles and all kinds of spots to whiten the skin. It also contains antiphlogistic and antimicrobial to soothe irritation of allergic skin and eliminate swelling and itching for getting healthy skin 主要成份 Main Ingredient : Stearic Acid(硬脂酸)、Cetyl Alcohol(鲸腊醇)、Glyceryl Monosterate(单硬脂酸甘油酯)、propylene glycol(丙二醇)、Fluorescein (荧光素), Perfume (香水), Vitamin E(维他命E)、Yoyumin/Barley(薏仁)、Cress(水芹)、Wild Camonile(洋甘菊)、Aloe(芦荟), YEASF/Enzyme(酵素), Water (水) 亮丽宝晚霜 LD-802 含高单位蛋白成分,以天然植物萃取精华液(Yoyumin)配合维他命A、D、E、保湿因子、活性再生素精制而成,具有良好的深层活化纤维体,可增强细胞膜对黑色素的阻断、化解和排泄能力增强快速的化解,是一种对于黑斑、雀斑、各种斑点有效而且迅速达到增白的尖端产品。另外本品所含的消炎素、抗菌素具有缓和对敏感皮肤的刺激,并对皮肤红肿、发痒、红疼有相当快速的消退作用 Usage: Wash face, then take the product 1g (about 4-5 meters large) spread evenly on face 1 - 2 times a day Storage: Store in cool place Capacity; 15ML Shelf life: 5 years (Expiry: 2019) Remark: 第一次用敏感性或特异皮肤者,请做皮试,用日晚霜擦于手臂内侧试着二十四小时,无不适应,即可使用 First time user or very sensitive/special skin type, please conduct a skin test by applying the cream on the inner of your arm for 24hour. If there is no discomfort, redness, itchness, allergy on the skin, then you can apply on your face.

Keywords: Cosmetic Products, Skin Care Products

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