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Concepts Hub Pte Ltd is bringing the "secrets" of Japan, Gold Kurozu(tm) and Gold Balance to you! Discover the benefits of this only organic black vinegar direct from Japan. Many Japanese has live by it and benefitted from this product and why not you?Vinegar has a long history. Naturally brewed vinegar based on a 200-years tradition in Fukuyama-Cho, Kagoshima, Japan is now proudly known as "GOLD KUROZU(tm)".Kurozu (Black Vinegar) is made of rice, water and malt. It is 100% homemade natural food, with the help of atmospheric energy (CHI), microbes and the sound minds of those who are focused in the production process.Preparation of the vinegar takes place each year in Spring and Autumn. Steamed unpolished rice, malt and natural water are mixed into an "Aman Jar" and sealed with malt. The Aman Jar makes full use of atmospheric temperature, humidity and microbes to produce a beautiful amber coloured, well-mellowed vinegar of superior quality after 600 days.As Gold Kurozu(tm) is rich in nutrition (Amino Acid), it purifies your blood, builds up your immune system and improves your natural healing power. Organic acid and vitamins in Gold Kurozu(tm) prevent the accumulation of lactic acid, a main cause of muscle pain and fatigue. The Kurozu keeps our citric acid cycle smoothly running and efficiently converts the nutrients to energy.Amino acids are needed to maintain and repair muscles, tendons, skin, ligaments, organs, glands, nails, and hair. They also aid in the production of hormones (such as insulin), neurotransmitters (message-carrying chemicals within the brain), various body fluids, and enzymes that trigger bodily functions. When even one amino acid is lacking, serious health problems will eventually occur.CERTIFICATIONRecognised and awarded by the Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries certificate. by the Japanese Agricultural Standard Association (JAS) KUROZUYou can mix with cold water, vegetable juice (it also helps to prevent oxidation of vegetable) and even with milk and yogurt. If you like it warm instead of lemon and sugar for your hot tea try Kurozu, for those who have a bad soar throat mix Kurozu with a warm water and you can mix Kurozu with Whisky as well.BENEFITS1. Have anti -aging properties. 2. Aid in fat burning. 3. Improve protein synthesis for building muscles. 4. Speed wound healing, also regenerates heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. 5. Helps tissue repair. 6. Reduces wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and texture. 7. Reduce levels of urea in urine and blood. 8. Improve the quality of the body's connective tissue, which in turn strengthens ligaments and tendons. 9. Increases energy and endurance during exercise and body building. 10. Strengthens the immune system through anti-body production.11. Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.

Keywords: Distributor/ Dealer, Health Products And Services,

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