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Here’s a new concept for your feet:Nude Sandals. If you are aperson who wants good looking sandals for all occasions, then try checking out strapless Nude Sandals. Nudesandals is the latest hi-tech but simple footwear thatadhere to your your feet like a second skin. It is the nearest thing you can get to going barefoot. Nude Sandals is one of thebest fashion statement and has met with a great deal of market acceptance since the adhesive is very effective at sticking to feet and may be reactivated by inserting the sandals in the microwave! The Nude Sandals revolutionalise the sandal market and redefined how a sandals should be worn. Nude Sandals create a new fashion trend by meeting the consumer need for a summer accessory and is expected to outshine otherfootwear!

Nude Sandals are designed to be worn daily undermost occasions: Indoor or outdoor activity, spa, pedicure shops, at the pool, in office or hospital (especially for feet burn patient), around the house, walking the dog, and on vacation. During the summer.wearing it leave no tan lines because it does not have the usual strap that comes with the common sandals.In addition, the sandalswill notirritate the skin between your toes. For the ladies, you can put them on without affecting your pedicure so that you can walk in comfort. Simply step on these sandals and GO! These sandals remain on your feet until you are ready to remove them.Nude Sandals readily conform to the foot of the wearer and adhere thereto. When they are firmly fixed you can wear them in the shower or in the rain! The sandalsexert no pressure on either the top or sides of the foot, thus they provide relief to feet that have developed heel blisters, corns, or sore toes. Nude sandals come in various colors and patterns.For the ladies, youcan also consider wearing a foot thong to complete your look.Nude Sandals can be worn with or without a foot thong.

Other important features/ benefits of Nude Sandals can be summarise under Strapless, Atheletic Mobility, Trendy, Odor Resistant, General Comfort, Breathability and affordability.

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Keywords: Distributor/ Dealer

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