Ringpillows by COUPLE HEARTS


By: COUPLE HEARTS  26/05/2010
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These creatively designed ringpillows by COUPLE HEARTS are sure to impress your guests during your soloemnisation!

Our ringpillows are all fitted with specially made RING SLOTS as compared to traditional ones.

Pros of ring slot

- allow wedding bands especially with precious diamonds to sit upright in the slot
- no worry of having the wedding bands entangled due to wrong tying techniques
- hand slot underneath for stability when held by the ringbearer (usually small boy/girl)

Cons of traditional string ringpillow

- wedding bands tends to lay flat on the ringpillows thus unable to showcase the wedding bands especially with precious diamonds
- must tie the wedding bands according to certain ways in order not to get them entangled
- no hand slot to prevent ringpillows from toppling

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