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By: ENOK Chinese Physician and Acupuncture Clinic  27/10/2010
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HERB 100 Pimples Lotion is a pure herb essence, nontoxic, nonpeel, safety and effective for pimples. It can penetrate the skin quickly and effectively. It can relieve or reduce the uncomfortable feeling such as itchy and pain. You can see obvious result within one day. Apply it 3-5 times a day, in 3-5 days, the affected areas can be reduced significantly. Most cases, the pimples problem can be solved in two weeks time. The pigment caused by acne can be reduced if you use it continually for 1 – 3 months. It can help to improve the health of skin, balance the oil and adjust the micro-circulation. It can tighten the coarse skin and large pores. It can declour pigment and fleck.

This product was invented by the Dr Esther Wang, who is running ENOK Chinese Physician and Acupuncture Clinic. Dr Esther Wang is specialized in Skin Problem and pain management. She has helped many very serious acne patients by Chinese Medicine with acupuncture and helped them to remove the root causes of the pimples.

The retailers of HERB 100 Pimples Lotion can be found in the web site . For enquiry, Please call Dr Esther Wang at 96587802.

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