Advertising & Promotion on a Shoestring Budget

Advertising & Promotion on a Shoestring Budget from Experiential LLP

By: Experiential LLP  04/06/2009

Advertising & Promotion on a Shoestring Budget  


Most businesses when starting out are familiar with the 4Ps of Marketing; Product, Price, Place and Promotion. I would venture to say that most companies or individuals focus most of their time and effort on the first three and approximately ten percent on Promotion.   Promotion or marketing is viewed as costly, something only the ‘big boys’ or well established companies can afford. What companies fail to realize is that 60% of their time and effort should be on the sales & marketing of the company. Promotion is equivalent to sales, without it, there is no business (unless you are extremely lucky or you’ve developed the latest ‘it’ thing.)   When times are tough, the first thing that gets cut is the A&P. Big mistake! The A&P budget should be viewed the same as your rent. It’s fixed, a non-negotiable, a given.   Most companies, entrepreneurs or start ups don’t bother to include it in their business plan because they believe they can’t afford it, when the truth of the matter is, they can’t afford NOT to.


In this one day workshop, participants will learn how to create an effective advertising & marketing campaign for a specific event or create an annual A&P marketing strategy based on their own A&P budget. The strategies will include events, printed promotional materials, free and paid advertisement, joint ventures, word of mouth marketing, networking and online marketing. Participants will be shown examples of the techniques and will learn how they can apply the same techniques to their businesses.    

Subject Aims:

From a list of over 70 ways to market a business; verbally, physically, visually in print and online, each participant will select the techniques that best suits his or her objectives and then create a cost effective advertising and promotions strategy.   Some of the items we will focus on are:
- Writing a press release to obtain media coverage
- Joint ventures promotions with other companies
- Creating events as a means of promotion, i.e. contests, sponsorships, tournaments, etc
- How to host your own media outreach
- Using DIY email marketing web-based software programs
- E-marketing – Online banners, PPC campaigns
- Word of mouth marketing    

Who should attend:

Any business or individual with limited advertising resources looking to maximize their sales by creating a greater awareness of their business through A&P promotions.  

About the Trainer:  

Pamela Wigglesworth is an accomplished corporate trainer and lecturer offering experiential courses in Branding & Brand Management, Effective Communication in the Workplace, Maximize Retail Sales with Better Customer Service and Basic Retail Visual Merchandising; consults for fashion companies and corporations, has developed training courses for the Textile & Fashion Federation (TAFT Singapore) Training Centre, the Malaysian Textile and Apparel Centre and has lectured at Raffles Institute of Design and The Asian Centre for Professional Excellence. The success of her fashion related courses has broadened into more general branding and marketing training for a regional telecommunications company and retail development training for Club Med.   Pamela’s international network and experiences have enriched her understanding of the global apparel industry and helped her become an excellent cross cultural communicator and problem solver who is able to view issues from both an international and Asian perspective. She was a founding board member of the Primetime Business & Professional Women’s Association, is an Executive Committee Member of TAFT and is the Singapore Alumni Coordinator for the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.   She has been active in the Asian fashion industry since 1989 working at major international buying offices in Hong Kong. She subsequently developed a boutique sourcing company introducing smaller US apparel companies to the increasingly adaptable regional garment factories. Relocating to Singapore in 1995 she went on to establish a retail boutique and an internet and wholesale kids golf apparel brand.  


Date: 30 June 2009  
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm  
Fees: S$375 Early Bird Fee (Register and pay by 9 June 2009) S$425 Regular Fees   Price Includes course materials, lunch, morning and afternoon tea breaks.  
Venue: Concorde Hotel, Singapore  
Seating Capacity: Maximum of 50 participants  
Contact Details:   Tel: (65) 6241 9834 Email: or   www: