Branding for Success Workshop

Branding for Success Workshop from Experiential LLP

By: Experiential LLP  18/05/2009

Branding for Success Workshop


A Brand symbolizes how people think about your product or service. Branding is about ‘perception’ and satisfying the needs of the consumer. Successfully branded products contain two basic elements - features or attributes and emotional benefits. The first is common to all products. The second elements; the emotional benefits associated with brands are what make them successful.  In the Branding for Success Workshop, we take everyday products and look at the subconscious emotional reasons why people buy one product or another based on what they unconsciously believe the product will do for them. By understanding the psychology of branding, companies are better equipped to create their brand’s USP and position themselves in the marketplace. Secondly, the workshop focuses on how companies/individuals can create the ‘perception’ of their brand by constructing a ‘brand blueprint’ or ‘brand essence’. We look closely at how the 4Ps of marketing relate to the product or service; review the personality & the positioning, the person (target audience) and the product packaging.  With a clear understand of these various elements, companies can then focus on brand management, targeting the right customer and promoting their products so that our target audience can find them when they are ready to make a purchase.

Workshop Overview:

This fast paced, 2-day hands-on training is for companies or individuals who wish to learn through an interactive, step-by-step process on how to create a brand, the brand blueprint and how to manage their brand. The course is also for companies looking to reposition their product in the market place.  Within a small group setting, the participants will select a product or service; and develop the product, selected a name, identified the target audience, apply the 4Ps of marketing, and subsequently created the brand blueprint. They will develop a story board blueprint the visually conveys the product, the name, and the lifestyle of the consumer who is buying their product or service. The workshop is a step-by-step process. Short lectures are followed by the small group discussion & projects/worksheets which will eventually lead to the actual creation of the product /service and the final brand blueprint.

Who Should Attend: 

Executives, Managers, Retail Managers, Marketing Managers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Associates, Brand Managers and Customer Service Supervisors.

Course Date
: 4-5 June 2009
Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore
Course Fees: S$695/person
Early Bird Discount:Save $70 when you register and make payment by 17 May 2009.
Workshop fee includes course materials, buffet lunch, morning and afternoon tea breaks.

Closing date for registration: 28 May 2009