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By: Fengshui/geopathic stress  13/08/2008
Keywords: Advance Space Cleansing

Geopathic stress is not a figment of the imagination Geopathic stress is caused by energetic interferences caused by man made structures eg antennas channeling heavy load of energies or natural sources eg lightning. Most commonly geopathic stress is caused by underground edifices of running streams and water or even hot springs they can be deep within the earth yet causing stress for those living above it. In my experience as a fengshui consultant geopathic stress can be easily cured using "earth acupuncture" ideally metal rods pierced 10 to 20 cms in stress spots. But like with any human body that is not feeling well an acupuncturist has to identify correct stressed meredien points to maneuver a needle into it.I recently did fengshui consultation for a bungalow in hume heights and as we know Hume Heights is near several gigantic radio antennas. My client and her family were feeling lethargy, low immunity, insomnia. There was a patch of land in her garden that was barren. After identifying the stress points I put in 3 or 4 metal rods. I came back 2 weeks later for after fengshui audit consultation and was amazed to see new grass actually grew on the once barren soil. A year after this consultation I saw my client again and she told me she was expecting a baby. In another house I did this one in urban Malacca and had a huge garden with cocoa trees, rubber and fruit trees and the occupants were always bickering with the youngest son (a 30 year old bachelor) perpetually unemployed. I identified 15 to 20 stress points and when i started there were heavy clouds above this house and 2 - 3 hours after doing earth acupunture the sky cleared revealing a blue and happy sunny sky. Also 6 months after the fengshui audit i heard the unemployed son got a job and could stick to it.To correctly do earth acupuncture you need to identify the stress points you could do this by using dowsing rods. To use dowsing rods effectively ideally you should be in a very calm and relaxed state of mind. The results of a correct earth acupuncture are the sky should clear immediately after, the occupants have better health and well being. And if you are doing business and all the fengshui cures you effected within the house are not being effective maybe you should look at whats outside the house. It could be geopathic stress. Earth acupuncture could be answer.

Keywords: Advance Space Cleansing

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