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By: Foot Solutions at Velocity  05/06/2009
Keywords: Knee Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis

The principles and function of AuBioMo®
Every step and standing causes a lot of load on your feet, on your joints, spine and tendons. Compared with a regular shoe, the Chung Shi AuBioMo® shoe helps distributing the weight on the feet in a biomechanically correct way. Through the special system called AuBioMo® which means: Automatic Biomechanical Movement, the user is automatically guided into a natural walking gait where weight bearing during the path of movement will be controlled and reduced. The mid-part integrated roll resistance is proposed to improve posture and to relieve joints, spine and tendons. The body balance ability and the whole blood circulation will be stimulated and improved.

The AuBioMo® system consists of a complex and a multi-layered sole which both stabilizes and activates, helping the forward drive when you are walking or running. The angled sole will automatically guide you into a natural walking or running movement, slowly transferring your body's balance point from your heel to your toe. A special shock-absorbing element in the heel providing a constant level of cushioning.

Balance step and Comfort step
The revolutionary AuBioMo®-system is available in 2 versions: Balance Step and Comfort Step.

The angle in the heel and in the toe part is 20 degrees at the Balance Step and 15 degrees at the Comfort Step. The shore stiffness as well as the sole angle is affecting the unrolling resistance. At the Balance Step it is more intensive than at the Comfort Step. For cushion reasons as well as an increased wearing comfort, the shore stiffness of the mid sole has been reduced 5% at the Comfort Step compared to the Balance step.

The balance step is a more fitness-oriented shoes with much focus on stimulation of the balance ability, muscles toning, constructive effects to the foot architecture and improvement of the blood circulation.

The comfort step has the same benefits as the balance step, but to a lower degree. The comfort step is focusing on the comfort, fast adaptation - about 2-3 days for most users - and for long wearing.

The Comfort Step is qualified as starting shoe. Furthermore it is suited for people who are not used to physical movement and with reduced balance ability. The Balance Step suits active people with bold ability to balance as training support and to improve body composition.

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