Forest Anion™ Product

By: Forest Anion  29/12/2010
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  What is Forest Anion™

Forest Anion™, an unique state of the art engineered Air Purifier, unlike any Ionizer or Air Purifier product you know, Forest Anion™  features a negative ion generator that emits negative ions into the air. These negative ions neutralize positive ions that can be present in the surrounding. With Forest Anion™, those nasty airborne particles like smell, odour, smoke, fumes, even harmful chemicals etc. will be thoroughly eliminated, leaving the air cleaner, fresher and healthier. now you can live in a busy city and yet enjoy the clean freshness of a green forest.

What and Where Produces Harmful Positive Ion:- 
       •    Mobile Electronic Devices 
       •    Computer / Laptop
       •    Radio Waves
       •    Polluted Air / Haze
       •    Building Material.

Harmful Positive Ions Are What Make Us Feel :
       •   Tired
       •   Depressed
       •   Irritable

What can Forest Anion™  Do?

Negative Ions generated from Forest Anion™ will remove positive ions and neutralize the air in our environment and make it clean and pleasant. It helps to :-

• Removes Fumes / Smoke.
• Removes Bacteria, Chemical, Dusts & Mites etc.
• Removes Peculiar Odors / Smell.
• Purifies the environment, into Cleaner & Fresher Air.
• It helps to keep the environment air, Cleaner, Fresher & Healthier.

Now, you can enjoy living in a busy city and yet enjoy the clean freshness of a green forest.

What is Negative Ion?

Negative ion is an electrified particle of air with minus (-) electric charge which refreshes and relaxes our mind and body.
When there is high density of negative ion in the air, our cellular metabolism is accelerated; thereby promoting vitality, stabilizing nervous system, removing multiple germs and making our blood clear and smooth. It helps to relieve fatigue and improve appetite. For these reasons, negative ions are also called “vitamin in the air”. Negative ions also removes dusts, mites, airborne contaminants, cigarette smoke/fumes, offensive odors, animal dander, toxic chemical fumes and other positive ions which generated from TVs, computers and other electrical devices.

How Forest Anion™ acts as your life guardian?

  • Forest Anion™ eliminates various harmful germs, bacteria, poisonous volatilizing chemicals in our environment air, such as:
  1. Bacteria
  2. Benzene
  3. Toluene
  4. Formaldehyde
  5. Ammonia
  6. etc.
  • Forest Anion™ eliminates Odour / Offensive Smells in our environment.
  • Forest Anion™ dispels fumes/smoke.

Special Features
  • Removes Fumes / Cigarettes Smoke / Car Exhaust, Burning Smoke Elements & Haze Pollution etc.
  • Removes Toxin Chemical (Benzene, Toluene, Formaldehyde & Ammonia etc.)
  • Removes Bacteria, Dust, Mites & Pet Dander etc.
  • Removes Peculiar Odours / Offensive Smell, Cooking Smell & Cigarettes Smell etc.
  • Reduces the incidence of headaches caused by or from computer operations & electronic devices
  • Helps to improve your health & sleeping patterns especially people diagnosed with Sinus & Asthma
  • Purifies the Environment to Better, Cleaner & Fresher Air
  • LED Lights when switches on
  • Quiet & Smooth Functioning
  • Generated Millions of Negative Ion
  • Maintenance Free

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