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Immersion Program 

This is a program whereby your school will travel to a foreign country to spend usually between

  1 – 3 days in a school in that country where they will study, mix & blend and make friends at the

  overseas school, without any real obligations or partnership involved between the 2 schools.

Immersion programs are usually part or a component of an Overseas School Trip.
Immersion programs usually takes place when either school has yet to meet each other before and

  is an introductory visit by one school to the other.

Exchange Program

An Exchange Programs is an extension of an Immersion Program whereby 2 schools have agreed to

  spend time at each others school. One school will go to that school first followed by the other schools

  travelling to do likewise.

This usually takes place after an immersion program whereby the management of both schools have

   met, sees some synergy and therefore takes an Immersion Program to the next level and making it an

   Exchange Program.

Exchange Programs requires more lots of pre-planning between both schools prior to the program as

   there are usually projects and many objective-based activities involved.

Twinning Program

A Twinning Program is an extension of an Exchange Program whereby both schools sign a written

  agreement to be ‘Sister Schools’ for a period of usually 3 years.

During these 3 years, both schools will conduct Exchange Programs annually with activities planned

   to be continual. Objectives are usually planned to be very in-depth which should be achieved within

   the 3-year partnership.

Overseas CIP (Overseas Community Immersion Programs)

CIP focuses on students travelling to a foreign country to conduct charity work. Etc. community work

   at an orphanage, helping the less fortunate schools, donations to the poor

CIP usually takes between 1 – 3 days whereby a theme will be set for the program. CIPs area usually

   part of an Educational Tour.

Subject-based programs (Themed Tours)

Subject based are trips overseas which may be conducted by a School or a group of Students. The

   objective of the program is for students to learn more and be exposed to a certain subject.

Schools usually conducted Subject-based programs by selecting a country that is well-renowned in a

   certain subject or topic with good facilities, foundation and focus on that subject. Etc. I.T in India,

   Science in Singapore, History in Egypt, Chinese in China, Agriculture in Malaysia

These programs usually include visits to industries and certified educational workshops.

Industry Tours

Industry tours take place when students or a school travels abroad to visit companies, factories and

   businesses to study on a certain subject. Etc. Banking & Finance Industry Tour, Singapore Business

   Industry Tour

These programs are usually done by students in Tertiary education levels whereby they are required to

   do up research reports on the industries they visit.

University Tours

University tour is a program whereby a group of students or school travels overseas to visit several

   universities during their stay.

The main objectives are to see the educational culture, learning system and to look for a future university

   for their future study plans.

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