Singapore Made Premium Organically Handcrafted Healthy Honest Wines

Singapore Made Premium Organically Handcrafted Healthy Honest Wines from Glass of Joy

By: Glass of Joy  18/11/2009
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Made from high quality raw ingredients. Made with utmost and care with the benefits of our consumers' health in mind.  Free from chemicals, artificial additives and preservatives. 100% organically and naturally processed. Minimal handling. Undistilled, unfortified, unpasteurised and uncooked. There's "Lives" inside.

Products are packed with the goodness of the raw ingredients such as fresh fruits, herbs, etc. which are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, and much more for the healthful benefits  of our consumers. We have wide varieties and categories of wines to suit individual needs and occasions. Serves as good gifts too.  Customise "Make-To-Order" and special occasion gift packages can be arranged.

We also accept make-to-order  special wines like TCM Wines, Ayurvedic Herbal Wines, Jamu Wines, etc.
All enquiries are welcome. Contact: 92397526. Want to know more? Visit our blog site for more information:

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