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By: Grand Mandarina  02/04/2015
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Empurau fish is often known and considered as one of the most expensive freshwater fish in the world. With its brightly colored scales, majestic look and barbells at the tip of its mouth it is also known as the King of The River. In Indonesia, most people believe that Empurau fish is not only that they are considered to be a live talisman who can brings luck & fortune. It have often believed that these magnificent fish could keep its owner from danger by sometimes dying itself. It also believed as a powerful protector against evil and unluckiness. In Java area this fish is believed that Empurau fish or known as “God Fish” by the natives is a reincarnations of the King of Siliwangi’s army, people believed that touching this fish body / scales can bring special blessing. In Sumatra, Empurau fish often known as the “Divine Fish” it said that this fish have a supranaturalpower and can only be caught by acquiring a special blessing and permission from the caretaker of that sacred place.

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