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By: Herbal Sense Life  16/04/2014
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Essential oils are nowadays a significant part of natural beauty routines. Women and skin experts love these oils because they are natural and free of chemicals. Most cosmetic products have toxic fragrances and bad chemicals that can harm your skin. Essential oil Singapore are not only used for their amazing scent but they can also serve various other purposes. They can do a lot more than smelling good. Here are some essential oils that have been used for treating various health problems including skin problems and digestion issues. These oils are known for killing the germs and a lot of other benefits. Peppermint essential oil This essential oil Singapore does a little more than making your breath fresh. It can soothe nausea and various other stomach issues. This oil can help you stay away from itching. It can cool down overworked muscles because it comprises of menthol. You can add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a bowl of hot water and afterwards, you can breathe in the steam. This will help you fight congestion. You can rub diluted oil into sore muscles. Peppermint is a key ingredient in the oil mixtures which are meant to fight PMS. This oil is the perfect alternative to VapoRub. It can cool down your sore throat and help you feel relieved from a bad headache. Sesame essential oil Sesame oil has moisturizing qualities. This is one of the major reasons why some beauty experts love Sesame oil. There are a lot of other health benefits of this oil. It has a little SPF in it. Comprising of fatty acids, this oil is known to lower stress levels. It is scientifically proven that Sesame oil can lower your blood pressure. According to some studies carried out in the United States of America, Sesame essential oil can slow down the growth of cancer cells. Lavender essential oil Lavender is one of the most popular essential oil Singapore available out there. It has amazing antibacterial properties and that’s why it can fight germs. Lavender essential oil is a significant ingredient in various cleaning products. There are separate cleaning products for the human skin and for homes. This oil has won laurels because it aids in digestion. It also fights headaches. It has a mild fragrance that is capable for calming your muscles down after a tiring work day. It can improve the quality of your sleep. This essential oil is the go-to oil for you if you have joint pain, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, acne or urinary disorders. Rose essential oil This oil has a sweet fragrance. Mostly produced in Bulgaria and Turkey, this oil is popular amongst aromatherapists. Rose essential oil is capable of helping people with hormonal imbalance. It is a boon for women who need help with PMS and menopause. This oil can also make your skin glow! You can use essential oils to make your skin look better, to stay away from stress, to have a great fragrance in your house and to treat some health problems. So, prefer these oils over those foul smelling spray room fresheners!

Keywords: Essential oil Singapore

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