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By: Herbal Sense Life  23/04/2014
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A lot of nutritionists and chefs recommend herbs and spices. This idea doesn’t only help you make your food tasty but it also helps you to make it healthier. Some spices are packed with antioxidants. A lot of herbs and spices can make your food healthy by adding flavor to it without you having to add fat. Some herbs can make your food sweet or a little salty. So, it can help you use lesser processed sugar and salt. They are powerhouses of flavor! Some herbs and spices can even help you stay away from allergies and Alzheimer’s disease. According to some studies, most herbs and spices can boost your metabolism. This can help you manage your weight. Here are some great herbs and spices that come with health benefits. Cinnamon: One teaspoon of ground cinnamon has as many antioxidants as half cup of blueberries and a cup full of pomegranate juice. You can add cinnamon to a lot of foods. Found in fruits and vegetables, antioxidants are substances that protect the body’s cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. Antioxidants can surely keep you away from cancer, heart diseases and various other diseases. Packed with beta-carotene, lutein, selenium, lycopene, vitamins A, vitamin C and E, antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties. So, herbs and spices having antioxidants can provide you all these mentioned health benefits. So, put one teaspoon of cinnamon in your coffee grinds. You can also mix it into yogurt. Cinnamon can act like insulin in our body, helping your body to regulate its blood sugar levels. Oregano: One teaspoon oregano has as many antioxidants as three cups of chopped broccoli. This doesn’t mean that you can avoid eating broccoli. It is one of the best veggies available out there and you should surely have it in your daily diet. Rosemary: Rosemary is known for its anti=inflammation properties. It can significantly reduce inflammation in your body. Rosemary can ultimately help you shat away from some chronic diseases. You can use it in the marinades prepared for meats. You can also put rosemary in tomato sauces, whole grain breads and whole grail rolls. You can also put it in sweet breads and cakes. Turmeric: Turmeric is a bright yellow spice. Countries like India are using this spice for hundreds of years. Found in curry powder, turmeric can keep your brain healthy. It can protect you against Alzheimer’s disease. It protects your brain against the cognitive decline which is related to aging. You can prepare curry using chopped tomatoes, salt, chilly powder, turmeric and chopped onions. Put some curry on your salads and make them delicious. Thyme: Thyme is packed with antioxidants. It keeps your body to perform its respiratory function well. Ginger: One teaspoon of ginger has as many antioxidants as one cup of spinach. You can put a few drops of ginger juice in your tea. You can put grated ginger in sweet and savory dishes. Dried Red Peppers: Cayenne, paprika and crushed red peppers are some spices that are derived from dried red peppers. It can help you give your food a kick of fiery flavor. These spices are known to enhance metabolism. They also stimulate the process of fat burning.

Keywords: Herbs And Spices

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