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By: Herbal Sense Life  16/04/2014
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Oolong Tea Helps You To Lose Weight! A lot of people gain extra pounds because of sedentary lifestyle. They juggle work, household chores, bill payments and what not! All this leaves no time to work out. Some people are so busy nowadays that they don’t even get the time to cook for themselves. This is where junk food comes in! People eat sugary or deep fried foods to feel a little relieved from all the stress their life gives them. This is how most people gain weight nowadays. Genetic and various other factors can be responsible for weight gain. Now, let’s find out how to lose weight naturally! Well known as wulong tea, the Oolong tea in Herbal sense life is made from leaves of a plant called Camellia Sinensis. The leaves of this plant comprise of Polyphenols which include flavonoids. These antioxidants are also found in various fruits and vegetables. Oolong tea is different from green tea. The regular green tea is heated. This freezes the oxidation process of leaves so that they can be used to make the best quality green tea. Once the green tea leaves are dry, they are rolled and this breaks their cell structure. As far as the Oolong tea is concerned, it is not made with heated leaves. The leaves are plucked and are kept under controlled temperature. The leaves are allowed to oxidize naturally. Moreover, these leaves have their cell structure intact as they are not intentionally broken manually or otherwise. This process is more natural and thus, it is more beneficial for weight loss. Let us now find out how exactly Oolong tea helps you lose weight naturally. This amazing tea doesn’t allow your body to absorption the consumed carbohydrates and fats. It comprises of Caffeine which is known to increase one’s metabolism. A faster metabolism means more energy expenditure which ultimately helps your body to shed body weight gradually. Oolong tea helps your body to burn more and more calories during simple processes including sleeping, walking and breathing. Oolong tea increases fat oxidation. This means, it actually tells our body to burn fat for energy which automatically results in weight loss. Oolong tea can make you feel happier about yourself. It has a high amount of polymerized polyphenols which makes your teeth stronger. They boost your immune system and make your skin glow! This tea improves your mental alertness and thinking skills. It makes you feel active throughout the day and keeps your cholesterol level in control. All these positive changes can motivate you to make more positive changes to your lifestyle. Here is more good news if you have a sweet tooth! Oolong tea can surely curb your sweet cravings. So, have a cup of Oolong tea in the morning and you will be able to keep yourself away from processed sugar. Oolong tea can help your body to burn up to 157% more fat. On the other hand, green tea won’t be able to do the same for you. Two cups of Oolong tea a day will be sufficient for men as well as women in the beginning. This tea will help you shed those stubborn extra pounds slowly and steadily.

Keywords: Oolong Tea

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