icare RESOURCES INT'L - "icare CLEAN" Chemical Stain Removers For Natural Stones/Man-Made Tiles

icare RESOURCES INT'L - "icare CLEAN" Chemical Stain Removers For Natural Stones/Man-Made Tiles from icare RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL

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icare RESOURCES INT'L has a wide range of "icare CLEAN" chemical stain removers to remove soiled and very stubborn soiled stains that have penetrated into the stone for more than 2 months or years. To remove certain penetrated stubborn stains, the most effective proven method of removing stains is known as "poulticing", which is a long process that require 48 to 72 hours to remove stains. Poulticing method has to be mixed with the right liquid chemicals to remove different type of stains. Therefore, identifying the types of stains are alway a challenge. Common terms of stains are defined as water marks, etch marks, rust stain, wine/coffe/tea stain, yellowing, oxidation, lime deposits, cooking oil etc.

Our Range Of Stain Removers Products :
1. icC OILIFTER REMOVER - to remove cooking oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil
2. icC SE 2 + icC 3P PLAIN POULTICE POWDER - to remove penetrated cooking oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil
3. icC OXI REMOVER - to remove old yellowing occurs less than 2 months old on granite
4. icC LIME REMOVER - to remove lime deposit or known as "lime putty" in between joints of tiles
5. icC SA 001 + icC SPP POULTICE POWDER - to remove water marks, dark marks, wood stain, cigarette & burn marks, coffee/tea/wine stains, curry and organic food stains, lacquer stain, perspiration, urine stain etc.
6. icC SA 002 PART ONE & TWO + icC SPP POULTICE POWDER - to remove oxidation and yellowing
7. icC PP3 + SPP POULTICE POWDER - to remove rusty penknife blade, rusty metal container, welding sparks.
8. icC SA 004 + SPP POULTICE POWDER - to remove mild cement haze, rust mark, oxidation
9. icC SZ STRIPPER - to remove oil-based coating,waxes, carpet and adhesive glues
10. icC ADHESIVE & SEALER REMOVER - to remove wax coating, adhesive tape marks, candle waxes, marker ink stain.

Our stain removers can remove to almost 99.9% if the stains are identified correctly.

Call us now for the application and usage of our stain remover products.

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