icare RESOURCES INT'L - "icare CLEAN" Sealers For Natural Stones

icare RESOURCES INT'L - "icare CLEAN" Sealers For Natural Stones from icare RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL

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"icare CLEAN" Penetrating Sealers by icare RESOURCES INT'L are specially designed to penetrate below the surface of the stone and coating each mineral inside the stone with a resin. As the resin bonds with the minerals, it reduces the pore's size in the stone under the surface. Our sealer's performance is not affected by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. This makes our Repellent Sealers effective for outdoor use. For better prevention and protection, applying of penetrating sealers helps to reduce any acidic products that drops to the natural stone from developing into stains.

Our range of sealers are Enhancer Sealers, Epoxy Sealers and Penetrating Sealers that can be used for interior and exterior floor surfaces. It is highly recommended to use our sealers on areas such like water-fountain, wall fencing cladding, swimming pool, kitchen, car-porch or any high traffic and contact with water areas.

1. Enhancer Sealers :
 icC COLOR ENHANCER SEALER - is a single component sealer designed to enhance any fading natural 
 stones that required a vibrant and enriched color.

 Colors Available : Black, Brown, Clear, Green, Red, White

2. Epoxy Sealers :
a) icC #309 Epoxy Sealer - has an excellent penetrating ability and ultimately covered fissure hairline 
cracks, open veins, pinholes and reduce rejection rate of undesirable stones.
b) icC #809 Epoxy Sealer - is a two component sealer that has a higher viscosity than #309 Epoxy Sealer. 
It helps to fill bigger cracks and open veins, reducing rejection rate of undesirable stones. Ideal to use 
for binding of bebbel stones.

3. Penetrating Sealers :
a) icC Stain 3201B Penetrating Sealer - comprise a single component blend with an aliphatic solvent 
designed to repel water and efflorescence effectively. An ideal sealer to apply to the bottom of the 
marble and granite before installation.
b) icC Stain 1732X Penetrating Sealer - is a ready-to-use solvent-based repellent sealer. Its formulated   resins penetrate and deposit into the microscopic interior structure of the stone, thereby reducing its 
pore size. This resistant action prevents dirt, water and oil fluids from entering into the stone.
c) icC Oil Repellent Sealer - is designed to prevent water and oil fluids from entering the porous marble 
and granite surfaces. It allows you to wipe off the stain on the marble or granite surface within 12 hours.
d) icC W003 Water-Based Penetrating Sealer - is a water-based sealer that repels water-based fluids 
from entering the porous stone.

 Packing Sizes Available In :
1 litre, 3.78 litres, 5 litres

Call us now for products usage and application information and we shall be glad to assist you.

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