By: Innova Concepts  21/07/2010
Keywords: Ecommerce

Got a product to sell on-line? We provide a one-stop solution to help you position your products on the World Wide Web. Our holistic approach in e-commerce ensures that your products and/or services shall be well-positioned in major search engine rankings that ensures maximum reach to your target segment. Your customers – whether in the commercial or end-consumer segment - shall be able to explore your e-commerce site with ease and engage in transactions that are easy-to-use and which ensures maximum payment security.
  Our e-commerce systems supports the following:
     1. Payment in multiple currencies
     2. Product catalog with up to thousands of products and categories in its catalog
     3. Subscriber-based e-shop which allows customers to track products
     4. Adding customized attributes to your products, e.g. sizes and colors of tee shirts
     5. Inventory and stock control of products
     6. Customer management
     7. Reporting feature which reflects up-to-date sales summary for your forecasting needs
     8. Different types of Payment modules and Shipping modules
     9. And more...

Keywords: Ecommerce