JC Economics Tuition for A level students

By: JC Economics  01/10/2012
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JC Economics tuition by Singapore's most sought-after tutor featured on The Sunday Times newspapers. visit www.jceconomics.com for more details.

Group/Private Tuition

Contact/SMS/What'sAPP: 8611 3858

​Graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with an honours Degree in Accountancy.

Featured on 'The Sunday Times' newspapers as one of the five ''most sought-after tutors'' in Singapore.

Featured on 'The Friday Weekly' Chinese newspapers as an inspirational and dedicated teacher.

Only Economics tutor among the five 'most sought-after' tutors in Singapore.

Holds a Masters degree in Education.

Ex-MOE graduate school teacher with Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) certificate from NIE.

More than 7 years of teaching experience.


Real world application of Economics concepts, with special focus on the Singapore Economy.

Examination techniques and proven tips for students to score 'A'.

Available for SMS consultation via WhatsApp and email.

Database of Economics resources compiled from the year 2001 till date.


''Tutor makes Economics a loveable and easy subject to study and score in!” – Pavithra“Dedicated and interesting teacher. I achieved a Grade 'A' for Economics! ” – Krystin Neo''I got 'A' for H1 Economics. Previously I was scoring 'U' grades. Thanks Mr Anthony.'' -- Gary“Effective teaching method to see immediate improvement in grades” – Amanda“Very engaging and provides good materials for his students” – Matthew​''I got 'A' for Economics. Thanks to Mr Anthony.'' - Jia Yi“He makes Economics seem so simple! Thanks to him, I got my 'A' grade for Economics” – Rebecca“If my school lecturers were like him, I wouldn’t need any tuition! Thanks for helping me achieve my goal!” – Koon Lay“He is able to link theories with real life applications to make Economics more relevant” – Jia Ying“His lessons are expensive but worth the money. I got an 'A' for Economics.” – Yi Tong''My grades have improved thanks to Mr Anthony.'' - Joel Lee''He is a very caring and dedicated teacher. I got my 'A' thanks to him!'' - Denise​''He makes lessons interesting and fun!'' - Ya Ting''The teacher is very patient and understanding. He teaches the subject in an effective way that all the students understand the topics well.'' - Shuhui''I hated Economics last time. After his tuition lessons, I enjoy this subject more than ever.'' - Gillian

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